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Tree removal can be tough to decide on, since trees and shrubs offer a number of benefits and enrich our natural surroundings.

Deciduous or coniferous, planting trees can improve property values and be an important investment. However, future enjoyment of a tree depends heavily on detailed knowledge of proper placement and species behaviour. If tree selections were not made with proper research, there can be trouble, and tree removal might be in order.

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Dead trees, a tree growing too close to a house or fence, or a tree making it difficult to maintain your lawn are all common reasons for tree removal. A tree could be interfering with your roof or damaging the eavestrough on your home.

It may be convenient for the local squirrels, but you don’t want your trees tangled with the powerlines either!

Though not always the most aesthetically pleasing choice, sometimes tree removal is necessary.

Unsure whether you need tree removal? Calgary Property Kings will tell you – free of charge.

By all means, contact Calgary Property Kings for a free consultation so that you’ll know for sure.

8 Reasons for Tree Removal


Your tree exceeds 7.62 metres (25 feet) in height.
Problems: powerlines, structure damage, yard maintenance, light blocking


You can see that there has been damage to 50% or more of your tree.
Problems: pest control, structure damage, danger to people, aesthetics


Your tree has shallow root stems.
Problems: structure damage, danger to people


Your tree has very deep roots.
Problems: damage to house foundation, sidewalk damage, yard maintenance, interaction with water/sewer lines


Security of yourself and loved ones.
Problems: blocking view of the street


Your tree blocks street or road signs.
Problems: road and traffic safety


Your tree is causing trouble for other trees, shrubs, or hedges.
Problems: yard maintenance, issues with neighbours, aesthetics


Your tree is just plain troublesome.
Problems: yard maintenance, sucker shoots, rapid growth, issues with neighbours

Tree Removal Because of Sickness & Damage

Our experts at Calgary Property Kings can tell you immediately if your tree is in trouble.

Dying and dead trees are dangerous and therefore require removal. Trees are prone to different sorts of diseases, insect infections, and other trauma. The limbs, roots, and trunks of your trees can be weakened by these attacks, resulting in brittleness, leaning, breakage, and falling debris.

Seemingly easy work and fast firewood, removing trees often becomes very difficult and even dangerous. You can count on Calgary Property Kings to do the job correctly – fully insured and completely sensible.  Tree removal Calgary is fast and easy.

By all means, Contact us online or (587) 287-0029 for your free quote for tree removal.

Our Tree Removal Process

Calgary Property Kings won’t arrive unannounced with a chainsaw and begin hacking away.

Learn more about our process!


First off, we discuss with you whether your tree needs to be removed completely, or if there would be greater benefit from simply trimming or pruning. Not all trees need to be removed.


Calgary Property Kings will provide a detailed quote based on tree size, type, difficulty, time required, processing and labour requirements, and disposal.


Your tree is processed and removed . Chipped, chopped, and carried off.


Calgary Property Kings thoroughly cleans up your site — you will never even know a tree was there! We will also ensure any debris left on your roof and eavestrough has been cleaned up.


Calgary Bylaws for Trees and Shrubs

The City of Calgary is responsible for the routine care and maintenance of trees and shrubs on our public sidewalks and boulevards. The Calgary City Bylaws also outline the minimum maintenance requirements for trees and shrubs on our private property.

Be sure to call 311 in Calgary to double-check if a plant is under the City’s jurisdiction. Breaking a bylaw results in large fines.  Before going ahead with tree removal Calgary, give us a call.

The City of Calgary Tree Protection Bylaw does not allow:

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