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Pressure Washing by Calgary Property Kings

Pressure washing Calgary can be very labour-intensive. Some types of dirt and grime can be especially difficult to remove.


Engine oil on your company’s parking garage floor, dusty siding, old paint peeling off of your fencing. From time to time, surfaces get stained and messy. It doesn’t matter what pains you take to avoid it. In other words, a regular garden hose won’t always do the trick.

Let’s talk pressure washing

What is a pressure washer?

Pressure washing machines are an efficient way to remove fixed stains and hard-to-clean materials.

Powerful, highly pressured jets of water released from the machine thoroughly clean surfaces. In fact, the water released from a pressure washer can be up to 80 times that of your rubber garden hose; 4,000 pounds per second (PSI).

The measures of “Pounds per Square Inch” (PSI) and “Gallons per Minute” (GMI) determine a machine’s cleaning capacity.

Higher the numbers equal faster pressure washing.

Professional power washing machines cost much more to buy than machines sold in hardware stores.  Accordingly, these machines are much higher PSI and GMI.

When to use pressure washing

Cleaning large areas such as building exteriors, parkades and parking surfaces, large walls, outside fences and patios, and large groups of vehicles are the best suited to power washing.

Calgary Property Kings can immediately tell you when pressure washing will work.

Pressure washing Calgary can be used for:

  • mineral, lime, and hard water deposits
  • oil and grease stains on concrete
  • paint from fencing and decks before repainting
  • rust and graffiti
  • deterioration and dust from vinyl siding
  • other debris leftover from pollutants

Grease Removal for Concrete


After application of our special grease-removing solution

When not to use pressure washing Calgary

Pressure washers generate a huge amount of power.

Some items obviously cannot stand up to  the strength of the water jets. In fact, some material is sure to splinter, crumble, break, or become damaged in some way when pressure washed.

As a rule, wooden furniture, roofing, concrete in need of repair, plastics, and fabrics should not usually be pressure washed.

Not sure when to pressure wash?

By all means, contact Calgary Property Kings at (587) 287-0029 for a free consultation so that you’ll know for sure.

Professional Power Washing Calgary

Leave the challenging, awkward, and delicate power washing jobs to our skilled hands.

Proper safety equipment and years of experience absolutely ensures our team knows how to get the job done right.

Contact our pressure washing Calgary professionals, even though you may feel confident in your ability to power wash the stains off of your parkway.

On the whole, the cost of hiring our team far outweighs the potential risk of personal injury to you, or damage to your property.

Types of Pressure Washing

Hot Water with High Pressure

Water at the temperature of between 121.1 – 160C (250-320F) sprayed at around 5 gallons per minute, or 3000 PSI.

Useful for cleaning: concrete, brick, granite, quartz, gum, storefronts, awnings, signs, heavy equipment, light oxidation, grease

Hot Water with Low Pressure

Water at the temperature of around 93.3C (200 Fahrenheit) used at the low pressure of 100 PSI.
Useful for cleaning: fragile stone material

Cold Water with High Pressure

Areas and material that are sensitive to heat require cold water.
Useful for cleaning: rubber, some plastic, some paint, concrete, pavement

Soda Blasting

A non-corrosive and safe option, perfect for environmentally sensitive areas.
Useful for cleaning: multi-layered surfaces, around food equipment

Dry ice blasting

This method shoots dry ice pellets, instantly becoming a gas when they hit a surface, actually leaving it dry.

Useful for cleaning: food equipment, heavy equipment, paint, grease, plastics, rubber

Generally speaking, chemicals will sometimes be needed to clean a material off of a particular surface. However, most of the time, pure water will do the trick.

Not sure when to pressure wash?

By all means, contact Calgary Property Kings 587-287-0029 for a free consultation so that you’ll know for sure.

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