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Pressure Washing by Calgary Property Kings

When pressure washing Calgary, some types of dirt and stains can be very labour-intensive to remove.

Engine oil on your company’s parking garage floor, dusty siding, old paint peeling off of your fencing. From time to time, surfaces get stained and messy, regardless of what pains you take to avoid it. In other words, a regular garden hose won’t always cut it.

Your lawn needs to breathe – aerating helps

Book your Calgary grass aeration with Calgary Property Kings. Read on to learn why lawn aeration is essential for beautiful grass.

Why lawn aeration matters in Calgary

  • Increases water, nutrient, and oxygen absorption
  • Improves your grass’ ability to grow healthy roots
  • Allows even distribution of lawn fertilizer, with no run-off

Lawn aeration jobs in Calgary can usually be completed within an hour.
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Does your lawn need aerating?

We will test to determine if your lawn would benefit from aeration, and provide a no-obligation quote.

Some items obviously cannot withstand the strength of the water jets and will splinter, crumble, break, or become damaged in some way.

As a rule, wooden furniture, roofing, concrete in need of repair, plastics, and fabrics must all be treated with caution.

Calgary weather is unpredictable

It’s best to aerate your grass in the springtime, or mid-September.

Tips to get the most out of your lawn aeration:

  • Thoroughly water your lawn two days before aerating. That way the aerator can penetrate deeper into the soil.
  • For best results, your lawn should be moist but not wet before aeration.
  • If aerating after prolonged rain, wait for the soil to dry slightly so soil cores do not stick in the aerator tines.
  • Once the grass has been aerated, we recommend leaving the soil cores on your lawn. The cores will work their way back into the grass soon.
  • Our experts recommend fertilizing and seeding immediately after aeration for best results.

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