Landscaping Calgary


CPK Landscaping Calgary offers regular landscape maintenance, as well as our passion – landscape construction. We strive to achieve a beautiful and healthy landscape so you can enjoy it in every season!

Getting your landscaping Calgary
job right the first time!

  • Collaborating with clients throughout the entire project. CPK makes sure to understand your project and is motivated to achieve your full satisfaction with the results.
  • Make sure no harm is caused to your green space and the environment. Property Kings informs on-site staff before every project takes start about all the concerns you may have.
  • Clients are always on top of the progress of ongoing projects and procedures happening at every step of the way.
  • CPK Landscaping Calgary will provide your expected results!

CPK Landscaping Calgary

Why choose us

  • A team of experienced and dedicated professionals will take care of any of your necessities and will deliver the results within your expected budget and most importantly on time. Valuing your importance to us as the importance of your lawn care to you and the environment.
  • A landscaped garden motivates you to feel inspired therefore maintaining the nurture of your garden. This provides us more than enough reason to only use the best products and equipment.
  • Increase property value and enjoy the beauty of your lawn. CPK provides services from cleaning your bed lines, trimming hedges, adding flowers, mowing your lawn to ensuring weekly maintenance of your landscape.

With very competitive prices in landscaping Calgary services, Property Kings ensures you aren’t overpaying for your projects. Providing you precise estimates while addressing all your concerns and separating costs so you know exactly where your money is going towards!

At the end of a project we are more than happy to provide you with tips on how to take care of your beautiful and healthy landscape.

If you are looking for quality landscaping Calgary services, contact us! We can assure you we will be happy to help you achieve your lawn project goals in addition to providing you a beautiful and healthy lawn. (587) 287-0029

Our mission

Landscaping beautiful spaces that fit your budget.

Professionalism Guarantee

  • Warranty on All Workmanship
  • WCB and Libability Coverage
  • Environmentally and Socially Responsible